The Only Features You Really Need

Bsavi Manages Your Money For You

Realtime Account Updates

Link all your cheque, savings, credit card accounts into one app with a single view. Get realtime daily updates as you transact. Always know what you can spend and where you can save.

Future Spending Forecast

Plan your 7-day cash flow forecast, adjust your spending ahead of time to make it through the month. See how much you need today, tomorrow, this weekend.

Your Money Organised

All your transactions are categorised into spending categories. See the places you’ve spent at, tag the friends you’ve lent money to and recoup it with our social invoice feature.

Savings Recommendations

Connect to your social network, find bargains with your friends, receive special discounts at selected merchants. Make the best of your daily available cash.

Money Alerts

Be in the know about your money with daily available cash updates, low cash balances, upcoming bills, and fraud notifications. 

Bsavi-Connect Button

Instantly connect to your favourite e-commerce store, have the best products at the lowest prices profiled to you. Switch your bank, or get credit at the click of button.

The Problem We Are Solving

Most of us get paid on the first of the month and are broke by the 15th. Then we rely on our mental accounting skills to count the days down until our next pay cheque arrives. Our money savvy community enables collaborative financial interaction with your friends to make smarter financial planning and spending decisions helping you save as apposed to spending more then you need to.

  • Know What You Can spend
  • Adjust For Future Spending
  • Make Better Financial Decisions

Empowering People Globally

Bsavi will soon be shifting financial control to people and their communities in over 30 countries around the world.

The Shift_Ctrl Vision

We live in the age of social networks, Google Now, and artificial intelligence, all of which have started to shift the paradigm in how we connect, communicate and already transact in the information age.

Tomorrow is now and you’d need the right information delivered ahead of time to empower your living experience in an optimal way, like knowing what you have to spend and where you can save money.

We’ve built the world's first financial graph aka The Shift_Ctrl Engine, a data transaction exchange for banks, retail and commerce companies to safely and securely connect to your financial graph on your terms.

The aim of the financial graph is to allow the world to organise itself better around your personal financial demographics and preferences, delivering on-demand services of relevance and value to your daily life.

Data is the new currency, transact with yours.

Connecting The Financial Eco-System

Bsavi empowers the online world to organise itself better around people’s financial demographics and social preferences, enabling them to deliver realtime, on-demand services of relevance and value to people’s daily life. Here’s how your organization can connect to the financial graph and integrate into the way people work, live and play with their money.

Banks & Credit Providers

Enable new customers to open online accounts instantly. Two clicks to pre-qualify new customers, one click to issue new loan applications.


Profile the best products matching your customers' purchasing preferences. Cross-sell and upsell products with better meta and micro data insights.

Third-Party App Developers

We’ve got the largest and most intelligent set of financial data APIs that empower people be smarter with their money.

Meet The Pioneers

We’re a team of savvy digital mavens with over 50 years of combined technology, financial, and entrepreneurial experience.

Joe Wunderlich

Zonja Terblanche

Brendan Pramjee

Stefan de Klerk
Quality Assurance

Sebastian Domagala